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Topic Paper Copies and Printing Hints
Date 17-Mar-2011

Paper copies of articles (or anything else) can be a lot easier to read.

If you want a paper copy of any club article (or any pdf file you find on the web), you have several options:

  1. you can download the article as a pdf file and print it out on your personal printer.  This is the obvious solution if you have a working printer and your ink cartridges have not dried up and you have paper and ...

  2. but what if you do not have a printer?  or it is not working well?  You can download the article as a pdf file and then proceed along one of several paths:

    Method A:  take the file to the printer


    Method B:  send the file to the printer

Printer Paper and Humidity

paper absorbs moisture.  Keep your printer paper in a reasonably dry place


Paper Curl

paper stored in humid environments or paper sent through a laser printer previously will develop a slight curl that may cause printer jams.


Laser vs InkJet Printers

Most people have ink jet printers as their personal printers.  They do a decent job, print in color and you can get an adequate ink jet printer for $100.  Copies and printing done at commercial sites use laser printers.  They are faster, cheaper (per copy), generally crisper and not subject to ink fade.  They also tend to last longer.  However, a good color laser printer is $500 or more. 

Laser printers have a drawback that can be a problem.  They work by electrostatically depositing toner on the paper and then fusing the image to the page with heat.  Unfortunately, the fused toner likes to stick to certain plastics like the plastic used in 3 ring binders.  So, do not store laser printed copies where the text/image will come in direct contact with plastic.  A single blank page is enough "insulation".  If you want to make a cover page that slips into the clear "envelope" on the front of a 3 ring binder, use an ink jet cover page.