How To


How to Search a Web Page

Every browser has a search tool that is built in.  The search tools allows you to search for complete words, just parts of words or multiple words

To search the current web page for specific words or parts of words, press "Ctrl" + "F" on your keyboard (Command + "F" on a Mac). Then, type the word or words you are searching for in the window that appears.  Where the window appears will depend on the particular browser you are using. 

Firefox:  the Find window appears in the bottom left corner of the browser window

Internet Explorer:  the Find window appears as a floating window in the current field:


Depending on the browser and the version of the browser, the search and find process may start immediately as you type in characters or it may wait until you click on the Next or Previous button (Firefox) or identify the search direction (Up or Down) and click on Find Next (Internet Explorer)

It is wise to use the fewest characters or words necessary so that you do not limit the search

Neither browser will search for content "inside" a file or link; it will just search the text present on the page including text on the page but not yet displayed.