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Frequently Asked Questions 


Q:    How do I get to the home page?

A:    You can get to the home page by clicking on the club logo in the upper left corner of any web page.


Q:    How do I search a web page?

A:    Every browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, ...) has a built in search feature that will find text strings for you.  They all work quite similarly, but there are a few differences.  Click here for information on Firefox and Internet Explorer.


Q:    How can I make a donation to help support the club?

A:    Donations


Q:    How do I search the WW2HC web site?

A:    There are several ways to search the WW2HC web site,  Click here for suggestions.


Q:   My browser is not displaying the most recent web pages.  Why?

A:   Your browser is set to use cached files instead of always checking for new files.  Click here for more info.


Q:    What does mean?

A:    The flashing NEW icon means that the item or link has something new within the last few weeks.


Q:    I tried to open a .ppt or .pps file (from a link on the web site) and could not. What is wrong?

A:    .ppt and .pps files are PowerPoint files.  You need PowerPoint to open them.  If you have MS Office on your computer, you should also have PowerPoint.  If you do not have PowerPoint and you are not running on a MAC, click here for instruction on how to download and install a FREE PowerPoint viewer from Microsoft.  As of this writing (Aug 2010), there are no free PowerPoint viewers available for MACs; you need MS Office (and PowerPoint) or OpenOffice


Q:    Can PowerPoint files be converted into something else I can use?

A:    PowerPoint files can be converted into pdf files, but the process strips out many attributes including "slide show" capabilities, music, any "dynamic" elements, etc.  The results are disappointing.


Q:    The resolution of the pdf files seems OK for reading on my screen, but when I print them out, they are not as clear as I would like

A:    pdf files can be created with various resolutions:  Low for web-based material; Medium for general office use and High for print quality.  A High resolution pdf file is approximately twice as big as the same material created as a Low resolution file.  Most files on the web site were created as Low resolution files to save space and to increase download speeds.  If you want a particular file in a higher resolution, contact the webmaster.


Q:   Can I change the size of what is displayed, i.e., make things a little larger or a little smaller?

A:   Most browsers support a "zoom" capability that will increase or decrease the size of what is displayed.  Hold down the Ctrl key and press + to make things larger; or Ctrl - to make things smaller. 


Q:   How do I create a desktop shortcut to get to the club's web site?

A:   Click here for instructions



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