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WW2 created some interesting shortages including the materials traditionally used for books and magazine.  Special paper, inks and sizes were employed in book publishing to minimize the consumption of scarce resources. 

Magazines continued to flourish and were a major source of information and analysis.  Advertising in magazines often had a patriotic or military flavor.  Many companies had converted from the manufacture of civilian goods to war products and were not hesitant to tell their previous and future customers what they were doing.  A formal advertising campaign was established for WWII (see link below)


Advertisement Source
Abbott & Costello in Lost In A Harem Photoplay, 1944
AAF Colliers, 21 Oct 1944
Nucoa Margarine unknown magazine, 1942
Studebaker unknown magazine, 1943


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Advertising Campaign article from the Museum of Advertising (the link to the Duke University anti inflation material is broken; use this: http://library.duke.edu/digitalcollections/?keyword=anti+inflation)



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